The Meade Willis XRP Suite

The Meade Willis XRP Suite, a powerful Supply Chain Management tool, allows organizations to tie in multiple systems from multiple locations, ensuring live up to the minute business intelligence and analytics across your supply chain route.

The XRP Suite is comprised of several interoperable modules, designed to maximize data efficiencies between all supply chain processes, and can be implemented and used independently of each other. Several XRP modules can be linked together to provide enterprises with even broader automated capabilities as well as increased operational visibility.

XRP Modules

  • XRP-W provides flexible warehouse and inventory management
  • XRP-BI provides premium forecasting and business intelligence
  • XRP-A provides a link between virtually any system and document format

Benefits of XRP-W

  • XRP-W can operate independently of other systems.
  • XRP-W can be fully integrated with both internal and external systems as well as transactional data processes.
  • The solution’s cloud based architecture allows for reduced maintenance/support costs, low system requirements, and provides coordinated global accessibility as well as real time visibility.
  • XRP-W leverages and integrates with existing globaliLink solutions yet remains fully customizable in order to ensure a streamlined and company relevant process flow. Solution complexity is therefore reduced, and the cost of program bloat is eliminated.
  • XRP-W can be easily augmented by adopting other interoperable XRP modules.
XRP-W Primary Feature Set

  • Interoperability with the globaliLink platform as well as all XRP Suite modules.
  • Integration with handheld barcode scanners and mobile computers.
  • “Visual Workplace” integration: large monitor displays of operations/inventory for shop floor or office.
  • “At a glance” multi-customer/supplier short and long term consolidated schedule reference screens.
  • Parts and parameter management (Min/Max settings, notification utility, etc.).
  • On hand inventory, and Comparative Audit process.
  • In-Transit/Receiving inventory and cumulative shipped quantity tracking and updating.
  • Shipment return inventory process for rework, discards, source return, etc.
  • In/Out/Update “record by record” operation logs.
  • Customizable component for non-EDI/non-transactional process management for “off-line” customer/suppliers.
  • Integrates with and supports all receiving/stocking/shipping documents and label formats
Receiving to Inventory

XRP-W links with scanner data and can be configured to accommodate different receiving processes. Document and/or product validations can be added which reduce errors and maintain accurate inventory.

Auto-Populating ASN Data

Scanner data can be used to directly populate ASN creation templates in order to minimize data entry errors as well as speed up the ASN creation process.

Comparative Audit Process

Inventory Audits can be scheduled, scanned and loaded any time to provide detailed comparisons to on-hand and on-going operations.

In Transit and In Production

Parts can be managed and tracked to provide visibility of estimated delivery/production quantities as well as dates which can be incorporated into other XRP-W and XRP Suite options. XRP-W can be expanded to include multiple shipping and/or production locations.

A detailed Operations Log is maintained which keeps track and archives every incoming/outgoing/updated record to the system.

Forecasting and Planning

Planning schedules, In-Transit and On-Hand inventory can be linked and monitored in order to provide real time visibility of potential bottle-necks or order fulfillment issues.

Non-EDI and Non-Transactional Process Resolution

XRP-W can be configured to accommodate internal and external processes which are not powered by EDI or electronic transactions.

Labels, customer/supplier/internal business documents, and reports of all kinds can be generated manually or set up to pull from other accessible data sources.

Inventory Rules and Notifications

XRP-W allows for setting Min-Max “red line” levels and can be set up to send automatic notifications if any parameter is breached.

Notifications can also be set up to message distinct distribution lists for any pre-defined parameter.

Business Intelligence

globaliLink’s BI module can be integrated into XRP-W to data mine and report on any key performance indicators

Reports, data exports, and notifications can all be automatically generated and sent at set periods to diverse distribution lists.

Your supply chain is only as strong as your weakest link.
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