Universal Data Exchange

globalUDX – Universal Data Exchange manages all formats of machine-to-machine business document communication.

Meade Willis will manage the EDI and Data requirements of its customers. Our clients need only concern themselves with their core competencies and provide us with the data in any format convenient to them.

For example...

Through globalUDX, a customer can send and receive data seamlessly between systems, locations and suppliers that may require multiple data formats.

Through globalUDX, a supplier can receive a purchase order (sent by their customer in EDI format) directly into their sales order processing application or ERP system database without having EDI translation software on site.

Through globalUDX, a supplier can issue invoices directly from their accounting system database to customers who require the invoices in their own accounting system database formats (unique flat file formats).

Translation / Systems Integration Services

The Meade Willis approach provides economical, effective, and efficient solutions for B2B electronic communication.

  • Business documents, directly from a company’s internal applications are translated and sent to their trading partner’s internal application
    • EDI in/out
    • Flat files in/EDI out
    • EDI in/flat files out
    • Flat files in/out
    • XML files
    • etc...
  • Data is integrated with existing applications such as Labelling, Accounting, Inventory Management software
  • Operates with any application and communicates the information via private networks (VANs or VPNs), the Internet (browsers or FTP), and AS2
Value Added Network (VAN) Services

VAN services are made available to customers who require complete turnkey EDI implementations including network (VAN) connectivity. We provide our customers with a mailbox and all contact to their trading partners.
  • Virtual Private Data Network (VPN)
  • AS2
  • EDI / E-Mail Mailboxes
  • Proactive Customer Service
  • Rapid Implementation

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