WEB-based EDI

  • globalEDI Internet
  • Customized Web-portals
  • Integrated Applications (Labelling, Accounting, Inventory...)
  • Custom Features (Data Exports, Reports, Data Reconciliation...)
  • Alternative / Secondary Systems (backup)
globalEDI Internet

  • Combines the advantages of the Internet (simple, easy to use, inexpensive) with the strengths of VANs (Value Added Networks).
  • Offers a seamless, business-to-business interface between the large legacy systems and the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME).
  • SME only requires an Internet connection and a browser.
  • Administrator accounts and supplier portals ensure greater supply chain visibility and efficiency.
  • Data integration and customized applications allow for larger enterprises to streamline their operations and focus on core competencies.

1995 -  Meade Willis Inc.